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Seppah Root is a gift of the most high for us to maintain good health and vitality.  Seppah it usually placed in a ceramic water urn and drank for it's cooling, sweet and healing properties. Seppah root is alkaline hence making the spring water alkaline.  This is the easiest natural remedy. All you need to do is add the root to you drinking water and drink it.  We will supply you with 10g which will provide you with alkaline water at home for 4mths.

Seppah Roots

  • Use a glass bottle to store the water is the best option when it comes to drinking water. 

    • Wash 1 root  of  Seppah to remove impurities per liter bottle of water.
    • Place Seppah root inside the bottle.
    • Wait for 4 – 5 hours so that the extracts of the root slowly seeps in the water.
    • The root can be in the water for 3 to 4 weeks before removing the root and replacing it with fresh roots.

     When you pour the water in a glass you may see tiny particles from thge root, this is fine the water will be clear. The water is clear but when you drink it, you can find a distinctly different taste!

    It has a very mild and earthy flavour and will make you feel refreshed.


  • Boosts immunity

    • Seppah roots have anti-oxidant properties, and most importantly it can turn the water alkaline. Thereby, it helps to fight against diseases and also boosts immunity.


    Good for the nervous system

    Seppah root has properties that soothe your nervous system. The aroma in Seppah helps to reduce stress and the flavour has a calming effect. It can also help to reduce fits of anger , restlessness and symptoms of hysteria. In fact, studies have shown that Seppah can be a natural treatment for Parkinson’s disease.

    Reduces joint pains and arthritis

    Seppah has anti-inflammatory properties. Regular consumption of this water can heal wounds and reduce pain and inflammation in joints which is severe in arthritis patients. Seppah can provide you relief from this pain. It also stimulates the re-growth of tissues in wounded areas and helps to revive.

    Clearer skin

    The antiseptic properties present in Seppah clears up skin by slowly reducing appearance of pimples and acne, it also stimulates growth of new cells and tissues. It detoxifies the body and keeps it cool. All these result in clearer skin.



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