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Self Love gold body butter is made with unrefined raw shea butter from The Gambia, blended with the finest oils moringa, hemp and baobab oil.  Moringa and hemp oil are milled cold press in-house.  This rich creamy blend melt on contact with the skin no need to rub in your hands to heat up like other brands.  SP's body butter will leave your skin feeling soft, smooth, silky and glowing all year round.  Scented with lemon and Turmeric essential oils for a clear glowing skin.  This product is 100% Natural and 98% Organic.

Self Love gold body butter

  • When you come out of the shower or a bath apply your Self Love body butter on to your damp skin. To lock in all the vitamins, minerals and moisture from the luxury oils and butters into your skin. Their are no nuts in our products but do perform a patch test on your skin before using this product. We also understand that not all natural products agree with every skin types. In the event of any irritation to the skin discountinue using the product and consult your local doctor.

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