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Rath is from Africa and it is a caffeine free tea that has many proven healing properites. A decoction or infusion of the leaves, bark or fruits is very popular, mainly to treat

  • Urinary, liver and kidney complaints.
  • All kinds of respiratory problems, fevers, intestinal complaints and to clean wounds and sores.
  • Crushed or dry powdered leaves or bark are used as a dressing on wounds.


The tea is  common for women of Africa to drink for clean healthy womb internally, it is said to give the yoni a fresh sweet smell.  The tea is earthy but not bitter and you can enjoy it on it's own or with a touch of honey or a sweetner of your choice. 100% organic

Rath Bush Tea

  • To Prepare  wash a few leave to fill a 500ml teapot, you can get 3 cups from this brew.  Then boil the leaves and the water together and steep for 20 minutes. A good, beneficial light dosage as a twice-daily tea in the morning and night is achieved with a tablespoon full of leaves steeps in a cup of boiling water for 10 minutes.  Once you have seep all the brew out of the tea you can use the tea to cleanse your skin or use it for a light hair rinse before you throw it away zero waste

  • We are not doctors and the information that we provide, is just for health and wellbeing purposes.  This product is not to be taken for specific health conditions with out consulting with your doctor.  Alot of scientific research has been conducted on this product, which we are offering pure high quality that you may enjoy as part of a healthy lifestyle.

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