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Beautiful luscious pink yes girlie pink Hibiscus and Shea butter lotion. Luxury Hibiscus oil, Moringa oil, Baobab oil and Shea butter one of my favourites packed with vitamin C, if you didn't know Hibiscus, sorrel or warnjor is known as the natural Botox in the beauty industry.

Hibiscus & Shea Face Lotion

  • When you come out of the shower or a bath apply your Hibiscus Tea and shea butter lotion on your damp skin. To lock in all the vitamins, minerals and moisture from the luxury oils and butter. Their are no nuts in our products but do perform a patch test on your skin before using this product. We also understand that not all natural products agree with every skin types. In the event of any irritation to the skin discountinue using the product and consult your local doctor.

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