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If you want healthy gums, white teeth and fresh breath. Try our fluoride free chemical free toothpaste. Coconut oil, charcoal, bentonite clay, cloves, peppermint and herbs from Africa renowned for oral health care. If you want to maintain excellent oral care contact us. 

Charcoal Herbal Fluoride Free Toothpaste

  • Sheapureness organic herbal toothpaste is plant based with herbal extract it has no additivies or preservatives.  This product is self preserving so we advise that no "WET TOOTHBRUSHES OR CONTACT WITH WATER" in the instance were this product comes into contact with water their will be a high risk of bacteria growth.  We recommend that you discard the product if this occurs, we will provide you with wooden stick so that you can remove the toothpaste into the lid and then onto your toothbrush.  We do not take responsiblity for bacteria growth of this products.

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