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Shea pureness Aloe and Shea soap is good for your skin and hair. Aloe vera soap is moisturizing for your hair and skin.  Used on the scalp, aloe vera also prevents dandruff and promotes hair growth by removing excess sebum and unclogging follicles.  Relieve itchy dry skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis.  Also balances acne bacteria which will stop acne breakouts and the enzemys in this soap removes dead skin cells.

Aloe & Shea Butter Soap

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  • Shea pureness soaps are made with pure organic ingredients, our soaps are not like commercial toxic off the shelve detergents mimicking soap.  Our soap are oil on contact with hot water they melt, After using the soap hang in a organza, hemp or cotton soap bag to allow the soap to dry and stay hard this will ensure your soap does not melt and dissovle quickly.  This will prolonge the life of your soap so that you get many uses from your soap bar.

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