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Eczema J's Journey week 3

Hi it's J and it's week 3 of his Sheapureness natural skincare eczema relief journey.  J is using our Pumpkin & Shea soap, Kinkeliba tea lotion and Dandelion, oats and shea body butter to give him relief from itchy dry skin and scarring.  J's said that he feels the difference in his skin straight after using the soap to wash his face and body daily.  He said that his skin is not dry when he uses our soap.  He also said that the Kinkeliba tea lotion has made his face moist and he does not itch his face as much and he has had less breakouts since using the lotion on his face.  He also really loves the Dandelion, oats and Shea body butter for his skin as he explained that is leaves his skin feeling like it's hydrated all day long.  He just want's his scars to clear so we have given J our Rhassoul clay and Moringa extract facial and body scrub to exfoliate his dead skin to reveal clear soft moist skin to use once a week as part of his clear, glowing skin goals.  Subscribe to our blog and follow J'S healthy skin journey. 3 weeks on J is much happier with his skin. #eczema #psoriasis #relief #pumpkin #soap #chemical #free #nontoxic #skin #goals #allskintypes #natural #skincare #moisture #teenager 

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