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KINKELIBA TEA MORE POTENT THAN GREEN TEA la tisane de longue vie, “the infusion of long life.”

The French upon their arrival in West Africa in the 1900 became aware of Kinkeliba tea and it's many health benefits. Kinkeliba has been imported to France as far back as 1923 almost a century as they witnessed and reaped the benefits of this medicinal tea. "I had gone to Africa to Namibia, and I came back with a group of herbs. One of them was named Seh Haw: it's white like milk, but it's fluffy. I put some in a bag and I told Mikey to inhale it. He inhaled it and he snee


Yes and I am talking about soap sounds like something sexy that you can eat right? Sorry to bring you back down to the nitty gritty I'm just the passionate type I guess. Sheapureness Banana, oatmeal, oil in a sea of golden honey scented with ginger to boost circulation of you are ok in the northern hemisphere it's ❄️. Available Saturday at Hoxton Market outside the Poundland or follow the link in the bio. We ship 🌍 worldwide, shipping from New York for our US customers. #h

High Vibration Alkaline Electric Superfoods

High vibration superfoods alkaline living. Eat to live not to die. Let thy food be thy medicine. Dr Sebi legacy each one teach one Sheapureness providing and creating skin and superfoods to nourish mind, body and soul. Hoxton Market Saturday's or check the link in the bio. We ship 🌍 worldwide local US Postal rates for US customers. #high #vibration #superfoods #alkaline #balance #diet #baobab #fonio #moringa #soursop #tigernuts #high #vibration #cancer #natural #chemo #nosid

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