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African Velvet Tamarind Benefits

Black velvet tamarind or Dialium Guineense Wild has a sweet and sour taste that is packed with vitamins and minerals that come with several health benefits.

  1. Cures malaria

One of the health benefits of black velvet tamarind is to cure malaria. The decoction of black velvet tamarind has an ability to inhibit the growth of plasmodium falciparum which is the main cause of malaria. Therefore the malaria patient will be quickly recovered.

2. Treats gastric ulcer

The other benefit of black velvet tamarind for human health is to treat gastric ulcers. The black velvet tamarind increases gastric mucus secretion to care gastric ulcer and protect colon from the cancer cell. of course, the intake should be in the recommended serving amount.

3. Prevents hypertension

Black velvet tamarind is known to contain potassium. Potassium is able to control the heartbeat, and make heart easier in pumping blood. In the other words, black velvet tamarind is able to reduce the risk of hypertension

4. Anti-inflammatory

It can be said that almost all kind of tamarinds contain vitamin C. one of the benefit if Vitamin C contained in the pulp of black velvet tamarind is to help fights against microbial infection. In addition, it can also reduce inflammation in bronchial tubes because of bronchitis

5. Cures toothache

Black velvet tamarind also helps to solve mouth problems such as toothache. The compounds in black velvet tamarind are able to clean plaque, caries, and bacteria which are the main cause of tooth ache.

6. Relieves menstrual cramps

Women commonly got menstrual cramps during their period. To relieve the cramps, they usually take some analgesic medicine. However, don’t you know that black velvet tamarind can provide you the natural analgesic source? Well, one of the health benefits of black velvet tamarind is that it has significant analgesic to relieve pains, including the pain during menstruation.

7. Treats diabetes

As included in the Diabetes Treatments With Natural Sources and Activities, black velvet tamarind is also beneficial to treat generative disease, such as diabetes. It is able to lower blood sugar and increase insulin sensitivityCures hemorrhoid

Among all the nutritious values of black velvet tamarind, one of these is useful to treat hemorrhoid or pile. Ethanol contained in black velvet tamarind is very good for hemorrhoid treatment. It will reduce the inflammation and gradually shrinks the abscess.

8. Increases antioxidant

Tamarind is loved by its particular refreshing sour taste. As the other tamarind varieties, Nigerian black velvet tamarind also has the sour taste. The taste comes from tartaric acid which also acts as antioxidant. We know that antioxidant is very beneficial to fight free radicals. It can be inference that the antioxidant we get from consuming black velvet tamarind is able to prevent aging and protect from many diseases.

9 .Boosts immune system

Antioxidant added with vitamin C is the good combination to perform the health benefit of black velvet tamarind. The combination is very useful to boost immune system of our body. Therefore, long term consumption of black velvet tamarind in the recommended intake will ensure the long term health from microbial and fungal infection.

10. Improves lactation

For new mothers, the amount of breast milk is very important. Sometimes they get difficulty in increasing the amount of the breast milk. However, consuming black velvet tamarind might be the solution to the problem, since the fruit pulp of black velvet tamarind is able to increase milk secretion.

11. Treats wound

Among all kinds of acids contained in the black velvet tamarind, ascorbic acid is one of the beneficial acids for human body, especially to treat wound. This kind of acid will protect wound form bacteria, so that it is able to prevent infection on the wound.

12. Nourishes skin

Besides treats wound well, the ascorbic acid of black velvet tamarind is also able to stimulate the growth of healthy skin. It is also able to nourish skin when we consume the black velvet tamarind regularly.

13. Lowers cholesterol level

The other health benefit you can get from consuming black velvet tamarind is fulfilling your need of dietary fiber. The dietary fiber from the sticky pulp of Black velvet tamarind is very useful to reduce the bad cholesterol in the blood.

14. Maintains good digestion

Related to the digestive system, the benefit of black velvet tamarind you can take is the supply of the dietary fiber. The dietary fiber is able to increase bulk and bowel movement, so that we are able to prevent constipation. It is also able to bind toxin from the digested food and protect the digestive organs.

15. Maintains good metabolism

Black velvet tamarind is rich of vitamins including thiamin, vitamin A, folic acid, niacin, riboflavin, and the most important is vitamin C. besides act as antioxidant to fight free radicals, these vitamins also help the function for enzyme metabolism of human body.

16. Cures dry eyes

According to a research, the compound contained in the black velvet tamarind decoction is similar to the mucin in the eye. Mucin is the good mucus for our body. This fluid is in charge to protect and moistures cornea. Therefore, the black velvet tamarind’s compounds is now planned to be used as one of the ingredients for eye drop as the treatment for dry eyes.

18. Prevents anemia

The next health benefit of black velvet tamarind is the iron found in it. Amount of iron in the black velvet tamarind is able to boost red blood production that needed to prevents anemia.

19. Useful for pregnant women

It is amazing that this tiny fruits actually has antiaborifacient component. It prevents abortion for pregnancy. therefore, it is recommended for women with the new pregnancy, as it will strengthen the pregnancy. it also contains vitamin A which is beneficial for pregnancy as included in Benefits of Vitamin A during Pregnancy

20. Treats bronchitis

According to research, black velvet tamarind is also able to treats respiratory problems such as bronchitis.  the symptoms of acute bronchitis can be read in  Symptoms of Bronchitis . Bronchitis patient can treat the disease with black velvet tamarind.

21. Maintains healthy kidney

Black velvet tamarind is also a good diuretic. black velvet tamarind is able to bind the toxin and optimize the urine excretion in the kidney. it will also prevent the kidney stones disease. To be aware of the symptom of kidney stones, you can read Symptoms of Kidney Stones From Small

22. Lowers body temperature

One of the health benefits of black velvet tamarind which has been used for the traditional aid is to lower body temperature. People from long ago soaked black velvet tamarind into water, and drink the water to reduce fever.

23. Relieves diarrhea

A study on black velvet tamarind reveals that the fruit has astringent action of which able to check the excessive discharge of body fluid such as diarrhea.

24. Fights harmful microorganisms

As the black velvet tamarind has pulp and seed in it, each part has its own beneficial for health. For example the pulp, it has strong antimicrobial to fight against many harmful microorganisms.

25. Reduces micro-nutrient deficiency

The unhealthy lifestyle makes people unaware of the need of nutritious food. Some people prefer something instant that able to quickly fill their need of food without considering the nutrition contained on it. This kind of habits leads to the micronutrient deficiency.

As we know we need those micronutrients such as vitamin and mineral. Our daily food not always contains the required amount of the nutrient. On the other hand, black velvet tamarind is able to be used as an option to fulfill the need of micronutrients as the nutrition values contained in it.

Cautions of Black Velvet Tamarind

Black velvet tamarind is known to lower the blood sugar. Therefore, for those with diabetes, it is suggested for you to watch your black velvet tamarind intake since it may interfere your effort to regulate your blood sugar. In addition, for those who plan to have surgery, it is better to stop the black velvet tamarind intake two weeks before the surgery, since it might also interfere with the blood sugar control during and after surgery.

Black velvet tamarind consumption should also be closely watched for those with gastric ulcers. Too much acid will add pain to your ulcer.

Recommended intake of Black Velvet Tamarind

The appropriate intake of black velvet tamarind may differ according to age, health, and the other conditions.  The right amount of 1 – 2 tablespoons of the black velvet tamarind pulp for each serving is enough to fulfill the dietary fiber needed. Remember, too much dietary fiber might not be good for your digestion system, since it will create laxative system.

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